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Neural-Fuzzer is an experimental fuzzer designed to use state-of-the-art Machine Learning to learn from a set of initial files. It works in two phases: training and generation.

Neural-Fuzzer is open-source (GPL3), powered by keras and it is similar to rnn-char and other techniques in sequence prediction.


Example: generation of XML files

In order to generate XML, we can use one of the pre-trained XML generators:

$ wget ""
$ wget ""

This generator was trained using the XML Conformance Test Suite (more generators are available here)

Then, we need a seed to start the generation. For instance, to use '>'

$ mkdir seeds
$ printf ">" > seeds/input.xml

Finally, we can start producing some random xmls using the generators:

$  ./ --max-gen-size 64 0-gen-xml.lstm seeds/
  Using Theano backend.
  Using ./gen-449983086021 to store the generated files
  Generating a batch of 8 file(s) of size 35 (temp: 0.5 )................................... 

The resulting files will be stored in a randomly named directory (e.g gen-449983086021). It is faster to generate files in a batch, instead of one by one (you can experiment with different batch sizes). In this case, one of the files we obtained is this one:

<p><termdef id='dt-encoding'>